7 tips that will help you to extend your essay and homework

7 tips that will help you to extend your essay and homework

With multiple assignments to be handled and classes to be attended, writing long essays can seem nightmarish. As such, it may be tempting to prolong the thesis in unsavory ways, therefore, attaining poor grades. Having this in mind, it is only wise to employ the best methods to extend your ib essay without compromising quality.

To ensure that you not only meet the word count but also ace all your tests, we put up seven smart tips to help write long essays without ruining the quality.

1. Review the requirements of the paper

As part of proofreading your article, ensuring that you have answered every question entirely is crucial. While at this, consider checking if you have provided detailed explanations and also consider the information you could add. 

It is advisable for you to check on areas that would be rewritten to achieve more words without affecting grammar or altering with your essay.

2. Add words to your introduction and conclusion

Given that you were eager to delve into the central issues of the assignment; you might have missed some words in these areas. Revisiting these areas not only help you maximize word usage but also make your homework even more catching. Ensure that your topics contain a sufficient amount of words to fully express the ideas contained under each topic.

3. Divide your content into paragraphs

Introducing sub-headings in your work not only makes assignments look organized but also increases your word count. As a result, the dissertation becomes more readable and neat.

4. Use as many examples as you can

Chances are, you are already citing some illustrations in your essay. However, you might not be doing it adequately. To write a better dissertation, give relevant examples where possible. By doing this, you have more content catered for and also reach the number of pages required easily.

Although this method is a great way to go, avoid using vague examples as they may reduce your results despite meeting the number of pages required. To prevent this, carry out adequate research to determine if your content is relevant to the topic you are addressing. To ace at this, view your thesis from multiple points of view and, therefore, coming up with satisfactory content.

5. Ask your friend or relative to proofread your content

Of all the tasks, correcting yourself may seem the hardest. Given that some mistakes you often commit may sound correct to you, having someone else check your work is a wise idea. By so doing, not only will you get insight on issues you had not tackled wholly but also correct mistakes within your paper.

As a result, you can produce a comprehensive essay that will score you better marks without much hassle.

6. Set a targeted number of words for each sentence

To complete even the most cumbersome tasks, it is advisable to break tasks them into milestones. Similarly, to hit your targets in essays you require to set a certain number of words per sentence. To achieve this, it is wise to use transitional phrases within your work, therefore, ensuring that each sentence meets the set number of words.

7. Check on spacing

Despite how many words you include in your essay; poor editing will limit the pages your homework covers. Also, poor editing may make your work appear shoddy and unreadable. To ensure that you achieve optimal results, use double spacing, readable font size (preferably 12) and a font style that will give your examiner a more relaxed time reading your assignment.

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