Abhilash Mishra UPSC Topper 2017

Abhishek Mishra, AIR05 who is now in the Customs and Excise services undertaking training succeeded in obtaining the unsurpassable and extraordinary position in the UPSC 2017.

In the video, the most famous topper is having a chit-chat or breaking the ice about the best and effective tactics approached in General Studies papers at Lukmaan IAS, an allied institute on the twelfth of June 2017.

About 2017 IAS Topper Abhilash Mishra 

  • He became an IAS topper from IAS combined guidance program on the sphere of General Studies, Essay and Optional Public Administration.
  • The expedition taken by Abhilash Mishra to acquire his dream is a long process including three attempts. At first attempt, he was graded 518, the second attempt got him 341 with third attempt bagging AIR 51.
  • Abhilash Mishra talks about finding the right direction and not getting confused about what to do and what not to while studying general studies papers.
  • He offers his own strategy and study materials associated with the General Studies paper in the mains examination.
  • He also gives insights on the Essay writing for a better scoring opportunity in Mains examination. Time management is indispensable during the exam preparation.
  • Since he is in the Customs and Excise services and it is very crucial to keep aside time when work is in progress.
  • Frequently, applicants need a brawl in juggling the time between timetables of classes at many institutes.
  • Abhilash availed the privilege of gaining an opportunity to take online IAS classes of the teachers he dreamed of being taught from at Neostencil. He took full advantage of the prospect from technology.
  • Furthermore, he didn’t have enough money to take on a programme of the teacher he was fond of. But the vibes he got from the place was just like he could feel in Old Rajender Nagar when used to study in the middle of the night.
  • In the UPSC Mains result, 2016 declared of late, above 500 chosen rankers turned out to be the student from classroom programmes of Neostencil’s Institutes with approximately 100 of them embarked upon live online classes.
  • It is quite overjoying that nearly one of two worthy candidates is a student at our associated institute.
  • It is a reliable recommendation to the superiority of all teachers empowered by means of the platform.
  • Ex-students from AIMS/IIT/IIM formed this impeccable platform in 2014 and which is used by best coaching classes live online.
  • Excluding the set up that is the whole thing and caboodle for a marketplace model, there remains some other players who began offering online classes by means of recorded tablets, pen-drives, etc.
  • This expertise will see a great change in the way exam preparation is accomplished nowadays and leads India towards the role of education.