Anthropology Notes For UPSC Prelims & Mains

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Anthropology optional is a social science which is one of the popular optional subjects in UPSC exam.

Anthropology Notes for UPSC 

  • Anthropology is the study of man in sum together with learning all types of societies and culture like tribal and modern societies-their socio-culture institutions namely, family, kinship, economic institution, political system and trust outline including religion and magic.
  • Anthropology is meant to prehistoric and modern societies that are socio-cultural evolution.
  • On top of these, Anthropology analyses man as a being, in other words, studying origin and evolution of man and the physical disparities from one place to another.
  • Therefore, the syllabus of anthropology optional is preserving the tradition which is holism.
  • While other social sciences have a connection with the man like history does research on past happening of man, sociology is intended for social configuration of man, not the biological feature, whereas economics and political science are meant to economic and political institution correspondingly.
  • The best part of this optional subject is 80 % of the syllabus is invariable, hence it becomes possible to acquire the coaching notes/ books, scribble down the important points.
  • Put 200–300 words in writing approximately every topic said in the syllabus and learn by heart it. Every conceivable question can be thrown out from this subject which is now out in the arrangement of Previous year questions.
  • Therefore, it makes sense to download all the previous year questions and go for its answers, this way you will be studying 70% of the syllabus and score around 250 marks. Resources are easily accessible in the market.
  • You must be familiar with the biological science a short time to understand the theme effortlessly. It is guaranteed the best scores in the optional subject.
  • It is meaningful to initiate anthropology preparation for optional after the UPSC prelims examination.
  • Applicants must go ahead with an intensive, prepared study to cover the subject earlier the Civil Services Mains examination. Like every optional subject, the main object is to recognize the important idea with vocabulary.
  • An outstanding Dictionary of Anthropology and basic books like NCERT textbooks will do a great to your preparation.

Download the Anthropology UPSC notes 

Anthropology Optional Paper 1 Notes

Anthropology Optional Paper 1 Notes

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