Best Books for Geography for UPSC: List & All Required Information About Books for Geography

Geography is the most important part of General Studies Paper 1 in Civil Services Exam Prelims.

This paper will include questions from Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the world. Geography adopts a weighty portion in all competitive exams.

Geography has a noticeable role in Prelims and General studies Papers. It is very motivating subject.

In case, aspirants are thoughtful of this topic, certainly, they can pick the optional subject for IAS Mains Exam.

It is an infinite subject which has the connection with the longitudinal link between persons, places, and the earth and it generally includes everything.

This is very straightforward and scoring optional if they come up to it in an exact manner.

Many entrants have become able to get through the UPSC Civil services examination deciding on geography as optional subjects.

There are chiefly three types of questions asked from Geography in UPSC

  1. From Physical geography (be it Indian or World)
  2. From Human Geography
  3. MAP Based questions.
  4. Geography of India by Majid Husain 

This is the Majid Husain’s book on Geography of India which is an inclusive book on the topic which is very common amongst IAS aspirant planning to participate in the competitive examination. The book includes nearly all the issues of Indian Geography

  1. World Geography by Majid Husain 

This eighteen-chapter book contains numerous themes on geographical regions of the world which have been presented in a detailed way on specific nations within each of these regions. The Author Majid Husain is ex-Professor of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi

  1. Oxford School Atlas 

The Oxford atlas contains 200 distinct and simple maps along with 94 thematic maps of India provided with charts and diagrams. The atlas holds thorough physical and political maps concerning India, new and informative preliminary pages, and wide-ranging exposure to essential thematic matters like climate, natural vegetation, wildlife, agriculture, minerals, industry, demography, human development, environmental concerns, and natural threats in a totally new project and design

  1. Certificate Physical and Human Geography 

This book provides the basic details of maximum topics that encompass physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language with many photographs, illustrations and maps contributing towards the thorough description, where is obligatory. The book is very beneficial for candidates taking part in the preliminary examination of Civil Services and other prestigious competitive examinations.

  1. Physical, Human and Economic Geography for Civil Services Examination by D R 

This book constitutes two parts: Part 1 features Physical Geography whereas Part 2 is touching upon the topics of Human and Economic Geography. This is a good book to know the ideas of topics.