List Of Best Geography Book For UPSC- Check Here

Syllabus of General Studies Paper 1 covers the Geography in Civil Services Exam Prelims.

This paper consists of questions from Indian and World Geography including Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the world.

Geography is considered as second most famous optional selected by IAS candidates following Public Administration.

In reality, Geography and Pub Ad is very common and makes a good combination also.

The motives for Geography being so much of favourite among students are the distinct syllabus, its semi-scientific nature, map-centred questions which no tough work are to score high.

Undoubtedly, Geography gets good marks in the IAS Mains exam.

Recommended IAS Books for Geography – Civil Services Preliminary Exam 

  1. Geography of India by Majid Husain 

Majid Husain’s book Geography of India is an inclusive book on the theme which is general amongst aspirants studying competitive examinations. The book has nearly all the topics of Indian Geography.

  1. World Geography by Majid Husain 

In this book, numerous geographical regions of the world have been conferred in eighteen chapters with thorough writing on separate states within the respective area. The Writer Majid Husain is ex-Professor of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi

  1. Oxford School Atlas 

The Oxford atlas is incorporating 200 clear and maps with 94 thematic regional maps of India supported by charts and diagrams. The atlas contains detailed physical and political maps related to India, new and informative preliminary pages, and extensive coverage of core thematic issues such as climate, natural vegetation, wildlife, agriculture, minerals, industry, demography, human development, environmental concerns, and natural hazards in a completely new design and layout.

  1. Certificate Physical and Human Geography 

It covers the primary details of greatest topics that are encompassing physical and human geography which deals with the simple and easy-to-grasp understand language, with numerous photographs, pictures and maps contributing thorough clarification, where is mandatory. The book is so convenient and of great use to any aspirant appearing for preliminary examination of Civil Services and other respected competitive examinations

  1. Physical, Human and Economic Geography for Civil Services Examination by D R Khuller 

The book is separated into two parts: Part 1 includes Physical Geography whereas Part 2 includes Human and Economic Geography.