List Of Best Newspaper for UPSC-Check Here

Those who yearn for appearing in the most competitive and domineering UPSC Examination will have to grease their elbow acquiring the admission.

Here is the solid compilation of the best newspaper for UPSC exam preparation.

The papers that have been enlisted are the foremost newspapers which an applicant give attention to secure high percentage in General studies Paper of prelims and mains in civil services exam.

These newspapers are published in English later it is helpful for the English mediums contenders.

Each newspaper has individual and exclusive golly and alignment, for example, The Hindu is identified as its handy tactics for better scrutiny of questions appearing in the examination.

The Newspaper serves the purpose of a logo for success in the UPSC Exam.

These are acknowledged as offering exclusive reporting on inclusive and key issues in complete extents and in the aforementioned sum.

The Hindu’s editorial page stresses the significance of fluctuating views and for this reason delivers news in an actual complete method in connection with all standpoints including national, international science and technology etc.

Top 5 Newspapers for UPSC 

These UPSC Newspapers mentioned below are the top most way of accessing acquaintance and study material between UPSC applicants as it entails a combination of inert, go-ahead cognizance of a matter to wholly observe a respectable tabloid of the newspaper.

1. The Hindu 

The Hindu stands as an English-language Indian daily newspaper initiated as a weekly in 1878. The Hindu newspaper put stress on the major National news. In consort with that, they offer reliable information which is studied by experts and government websites such as PIB and PRS. The candidates must keep a systematic watch on the Business section, editorial, Science and Technology, art and culture section issued by the newspaper which is actually beneficial for UPSC prelims and mains exams equally.

2. Business Standard 

Undoubtedly, The Business Standard is a worthy business daily available in print only in the English language.  The editorial and articles specified through the columns of newspaper will have an advantage for students looking for authentic material on the current events trendy in economics, which is a critical subject in UPSC IAS exam.

3. Times of India 

The Times of India (TOI) is correspondingly an English-language daily newspaper. It is well-thought-out as the world’s six best newspapers. The times of India is recommended by successful entrants for exam preparation.

 4. Indian Express 

This is English daily is considered handy for the purpose of UPSC Exam. The tabloid and particular article will simplify the collection of data which playing a vast role in the exam preparation.


The British Broadcasting Corporation is written as (BBC) which is the world’s first national broadcasting organization. The articles printed in the BBC are cooperative for UPSC prelims and especially mains. Understanding BBC will facilitate the development of an enormous and widespread knowledge regarding international affairs.