List Of Best Scoring Optional for UPSC-Check Here

The UPSC requisites the Civil Services Examination in three stages to be precise- the prelims, the mains and the UPSC board interview.

The prelims exam features 2 objective papers. The UPSC mains exam, but, entails 9 papers and every part of exam attributes as being descriptive kind.

Two of nine papers are meant for the optional subject that every wishful student has to pick out.

The Optional Papers 1 and 2 sums up total 500 marks in the mains exam which are of great significance for the conclusion of marks.

A whole heap of entrants gets puzzled trying to decipher the optional subject that will be of best to them.

There are several facets of the exam which are given consideration coming to the result.

They must know the key aspects that are linked with deciding on scoring optional in UPSC exam.

Aspirants should not plump for optional simply considering the success rate.

It is needed to develop an interest in that subject.

Since you are to take the paper being an expert in the specific paper, going for merely owing to success rate is a vast miserable decision.

List of optional subjects in the UPSC mains exam 

Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Anthropology Botany Chemistry
Civil Engineering Commerce & Accountancy Economics Electrical Engineering Geography
Geology History Law Management Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering Medical Science


Philosophy Physics Political Science & International Relations
Psychology Public Administration Sociology Statistics Zoolog

There are some subjects that catch the attention of appearing candidates and as a consequence, they opt for that subject. For instance, Geography, Public Administration, Political Science, Sociology, History, etc. are all popular. They are prevalent for many explanations, but you must decide on them given that you feel a leaning for the subject.

Some subjects that are scoring. 

  • Science subjects namely Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Engineering subjects, Anthropology considerably as a result of the detailed nature of these subjects. Scientific subjects are not as much explanatory and more correct and logical. Because nothing is left to interpretation, contenders feel they have a likelihood of attaining high marks than in the humanities subjects. In the science subjects, the examiner’s personal biases do not come into the picture.
  • Geography and Geology are too taken into consideration for scoring owing to its scientific nature. Geography is also a very common subject as many find it stimulating and rational.
  • Those who are good with good numbers are suggested to opt for statistics which becomes exceptional.
  • Aspirants with Humanities need not be anxious. In the last part, it is interest and information that counts. Strictly saying, mathematics is the greatest scoring subject aspirants can select it who are with no some experience in it. Correspondingly, there is no possibility for good marks in it.