Books For Public Administration For UPSC (Mains)

Public Administration is included in the list of preference optional subjects of Civil Services Aspirants.

By glancing at the present syllabus of General Studies in Civil Services Exam, it is easy to find the connection with the optional paper of Public Administration, especially in GS-II and GS-IV.

Taking on Public Administration facilitates the preparation for writing answers in a manner that is compulsory in the GS-IV.

It is most common and accepted by IAS aspirants, adequate books and study materials are accessible in the market.

Books for Public administration for UPSC Mains 

  • Administrative Thinkers by  Prasad and Prasad
  • Indian Public Administration – Arora and Goyal
  • New Horizons of Public Administration – Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Public Administration – Fadia and Fadia
  • Public Administration In India 1st Edition – Maheshwari
  • Public Administration In India – B L Fadia
  • Public Administration – Laxmikant
  • Public Administration and Public Affairs 12th Edition – Nicholas Henry
  • Essentials Of Organizational Behaviour 10th Edition – Robbins, Sanghi, and Judge

Reasons to choose Public Administration for UPSC Mains 

  • Pub Ad A new look- Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Public Administration: Concepts and Theories- Basu Rumki
  • It consists of approximately 18% of the General Studies in political system, public policy, Rights Issues, and Governance – Constitutions
  • Public Administration consists of 50% of the General Studies – II (Governance, Constitution, Policy, and Social Justice)
  • It includes 50 – 60% of the Paper – IV (Ethics – Emotional Intelligence concepts, Public/Civil services values and Ethics, Probity in Governance, Code of Conduct, Quality of Service delivery)
  • Public Administration covers a major portion of compulsory Essay Exam
  • In general, there is a possibility of obtaining 280 – 315 marks in General Studies deciding on Public Administration as an Optional.
  • Accompanied by Optional it consists of about 800 out of 1750 (46%) in Mains Exam

How to prepare for Public Administration 

  • Give 30 minutes on each question in the last 10 years and formulate an ideal structure or outline of the answer.
  • Go with somewhat number of books or internet to prepare such a ‘structure’.
  • It is not suitable to study complete answer. Now, confirm you complete each topic included in the syllabus.
  • Swap one 60 marks question with two 30 marks questions. Be advanced to generate question on a subject which you have not gone through in the above four sources.
  • While pondering over it, your mind should capture the image of entire syllabus and connect all the chapters to get to an applicable answer by means of two phrases for each answer.
  • This would be said a real preparation for public administration. Aspirants will have an adequate time to apply this procedure for preparation following Prelims.
  • Write brief and precise notes of the lacking topics by turning over to other books. But this is not actually real preparation as you will not know the tactic to respond if the identical topic com approaches the exam.