Books for Sociology Optional UPSC: Facts & Other Details

The most famous optional subject- Sociology has come to light as an important section encompassing General Studies on top of the optional paper in the Examination.

Coming about as one of the simplest optional subjects, numerous candidates decide on Sociology every year as optional for Exam.

The syllabus for sociology optional can easily be dealt with when come up to correct tactics.

In the same way, other optional includes two papers.

Paper 1 gets a handle on the essentials of Sociology and Paper 2 approaches the Indian society, its method, and variation.

Given below are notable books for Paper I and Paper II of sociology optional for Mains.

Books for Sociology optional UPSC/Sociology optional books for UPSC 

Books for Sociology Paper I 

  • Sociology – Anthony Giddens
  • Sociological Theory – George Ritzer
  • Sociology – Haralambos & Holborn
  • Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology
  • Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan
  • Political Theory – O P Gauba

Books for Sociology Paper II 

  • Social Change in India – M N Srinivas
  • Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar – M N Srinivas
  • Handbook of Indian Sociology – Veena Das
  • Indian Society and Culture – Nadeem Hasnain
  • Modernization of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh
  • Persistence and Change in Tribal India – M.V. Rao
  • Rural Sociology – Doshi and Jain
  • Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A R Desai

Facts about Political Science 

  • Indian politics is a vital part of the UPSC Prelims syllabus.
  • If aspirant catch holds to political science as the optional subject, then they will be preparing for the optional together with the prelims section thus saving time for other topics. This way you can integrate the UPSC prelims and mains preparation.
  • If they have not had the experience of political science, they can simply understand and look into this subject as it is not that technical. The ideas are general and someone who reads newspapers steadily can get the knack of understanding and prepare for it.
  • As per new syllabus, the realistic portions have been excluded so indulgence into the concepts is essential to prepare some effective answers in this paper.
  • The conception that the syllabus for political science is huge is somewhat exact. In actual fact, a whole heap of the themes is repetitive including Marxism, Marx, Marxist notions of state, Gramsci, etc.
  • Numerous themes are interconnected such as thoughts of Mill, Bentham and Liberal notions of state, justice and democracy and so on.
  • Topics like liberalism, feminism, ideas of Marxism, subjects like democracy, human rights, environment, etc. are the part of both Papers I and Paper II.
  • Getting acquainted with the adequate content in this subject will play a vital part in the exam preparation.
  • In the interview round also, being informative of topics like governance, international relations, etc. will have an advantage.