Books for UPSC Mains General Studies: All Required Details

1. New Look at Modern Indian History: From 1707 To the Modern Times– It has been written by B.L Grover, it is an old book, and consisting of significant events from 1707 to 1998. So essentially, this book will include 80% of the syllabus. Others don’t follow the current affairs by 20%. As per syllabus, aspirant need to study Freedom Struggle- its many periods and imperative suppliers /helps from different parts of the country. This means you need to cover the events between (1857 – 1947), following books will be enormously supportive. The Rajiv Ahir book is small, while Bipin Chandra book is fairly huge.

 2.A Brief History of Modern India (Rajiv Ahir I.P.S)- This is the top book for contemporary Indian history, Small in size, and Completed only from UPSC keeping in the mind the convenience of students.

3.India’s Struggle for Independence– This book indulges in detailed and thorough indication of Indian independence movement, Book covers 39 chapters in the description style by diverse authors. The first chapter starts with the Revolt of 1857

4.  India Since Independence by Bipan Chandra–  The most common and suggested books for knowledge of the events of post-Independence India. The book put emphasis on the foreign policy and economic reforms that presented in 1991. Not just the economic feature, the book, as well as consists of the details on sociological difficulties, met in modern times, like the occurrence of untouchability and the class issues and others. It also separates and debates comprehensively the Punjab crisis along with the party government used at the Centre and the States.

5.Indian Society and Diversity by Alka Chowdhary– This book is particularly made for this theme of General Studies 1. It is to the fact and had encompassed all significant issues in part.

6.Newspaper and Magazine –Aspirants need to social events, new bills linked with the society etc. Yojana and Kurukshetra are also beneficial.