Buy NCERT Books for UPSC For Prelims & Mains Examination

The paper I 

History is a vital topic in UPSC IAS Prelims and mains examination. At this juncture, students can look at NCERT history books for UPSC. This NCERT book list for UPSC exam will benefit the applicants to prepare for the exam very well.

Indian Society NCERT textbooks for UPSC exam (Indian Society Book for UPSC exam)

  1. Indian Society: NCERT Class VI – Social Science: Social & Polite tical Life I
  2. Ithe Indian Society: NCERT Class VII – Social Science: Social & Political Life II
  3. Indian Society: NCERT Class VIII – Social Science: Social & Political Life III
  4. Indian Society: NCERT Class XI – Sociology: Understanding Society
  5. Indian Society: NCERT Class XII – Indian Society
  6. Indian Society: NCERT Class XII – Social Change and Development in India

IAS aspirants can also refer to class 12 book for Sociology.

Art & Culture NCERTs (Indian art and culture book for UPSC)

  1. Art & Culture: NCERT Class XI – An Introduction to Indian Art
  2. Art & Culture: NCERT Class XI – Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10)

Geography NCERT books for UPSC civil services (Geography NCERT for UPSC/NCERT for Geography UPSC/NCERT Geography for UPSC)

  1. Geography: NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our Habitat
  2. Geography: NCERT Class VII – Our Environment
  3. Geography: NCERT Class VIII – Resource and Development
  4. Geography: NCERT Class IX – Contemporary India – I
  5. Geography: NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – II
  6. Geography: NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  7. Geography: NCERT Class XI – India –  Physical Environment
  8. Geography: NCERT Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography
  9. Geography: NCERT Class XII – India – People and Economy

For Geography (NCERT book for IAS exam):

You can read from class 6 to class 12 together with importance on the emphasized textbooks, particularly the four NCERT textbooks from classes XI to XII.

For History (History NCERT books for UPSC exam):

Go to class 11 and 12 textbooks. Though try to acquire the Old NCERT history books, though they are not obligatory, irregularly questions are asked from here.

Additional list of important NCERT for UPSC for Reference: NCERT History Textbooks of the old syllabus (the 1990s):

NCERT History for UPSC

  1. Ancient India (class XI) by RS Sharma: This consists of the ancient Indian history syllabus totally.
  2. Alternative Published version: India’s Ancient Past – RS Sh area: It includes NCERT syllabus for IAS and is accomplished in all facets.
  3. Medieval India (class IX) by Satish Chandra: This must be sufficient for Medieval.
  • Alternative Published version: History of Medieval India – Satish Chandra:
  1. Modern India (class X) by Bipin Chandra:
  • Alternative Published version: India Before Independence: Bipan Chandra’s published book is easily available is more comprehensive, but the NCERT is more objective and simpler to read.
  1. World History (Class X): Must be enough for the beginning of world history

 Paper II

Polity NCERTs (Polity NCERT for UPSC)

  1. Polity: NCERT Class IX – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – I
  2. Polity: NCERT Class X – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II
  3. Polity: NCERT Class XI – Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work
  4. Polity: NCERT Class XI – Political Science: Political Theory
  5. Polity: NCERT Class XII – Political Science I: Contemporary World Politics
  6. Polity: NCERT Class XII – Political Science II: Politics in India since Independence

For Polity: Class 9 to 12 NCERT books must be glanced through with attention on 11th and 12th (of which World Politics, only if time permits).

Paper III

Indian Economy NCERTs (NCERT Economics books for UPSC/Economy NCERT for UPSC/Economics NCERT for UPSC/NCERT economics for UPSC)

  1. Economy: NCERT Class IX – Economics: Economics
  2. Economy: NCERT Class X – Understanding Economic Development
  3. Economy: NCERT Class XI – Indian Economic Development
  4. Economy: NCERT Class XII – Introductory Macroeconomics
  5. Economy: NCERT Class XII – Introductory Macroeconomics

Science & Technology NCERTs

  1. Science: NCERT Class VI
  2. Science: NCERT Class  VII
  3. Science: NCERT Class  VIII
  4. Science: NCERT Class IX
  5. Science: NCERT Class X
  6. Science: NCERT Class XI – Chemistry: Unit 14 & Biology: Units 4 & 5
  7. Science: NCERT Class XII – Chemistry: Unit 16 & Biology: Units 8, 9 & 10

Environment & Ecology NCERTs

  1. Science: Class XII – Biology: last four Chapters (13 to 16)

NCERT Books List for UPSC Preparation/Must read NCERT books for UPSC/NCERT books for UPSC list 

Class Textbooks
6th History: Our Past Geography: The Earth Our Habitat Social Science: Social & Political Life IScience: Science: Class VI
7th History: Our Past – II Geography: Our Environment Social Science: Social & Political Life science: Science: Class VII
8th History: Our Past III – Part I & II Geography: Resource and Development Social Science: Social & Political Life III Science: Science: Class VIII
9th History: India and the Contemporary World-I Geography: Contemporary India – I Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – I Science: Class IX Economics: Economics
10th History: India and the Contemporary World – II Geography: Contemporary India – II Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II Science: Class X Economics: Understanding Economic Development
11th History: Themes in World History Geography:      1.  Fundamentals Of Physical Geography      2.India- Physical Environment Science:    1. Chemistry: Unit 14    2.  Biology: Unit 4 & 5 Economics: Indian Economic Development Sociology: Understanding Society Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work An Introduction to Indian Art Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10)
12th History: Themes in Indian History Geography:    1. Fundamentals Of Human Geography    2.  India – People & Economy Science:   1.  Chemistry: Unit 16   2.  Biology: Unit 8, 9 & 10 Economics:Introductory Macroeconomics Sociology:    1.  Indian Society    2.  Social Change and Development in India Political Science: Contemporary World Politics