CSAT Books for UPSC: Guides, Syllabus & Other Details

CSE Preliminary Exam General Studies Paper 2 is widely prevalent as CSAT. Candidates must be aware that the terms such as CSAT are not anywhere in the notice. It is just a general standard for Paper 2. General Studies Paper 2 is too aimed at 200 marks corresponding to General Studies Paper 1 of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is reasonably simpler and more grading than General Studies Paper

Syllabus for CSAT – General Studies Paper 2 is in this way: 

The sub-topics inside the Civil Services Preliminary Exam Paper 2 (CSAT) is like so-:

  1. Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability.
  2. Quantitative and Basic Numeracy.
  3. Data Interpretation.
  4. Decision Making and Problem Solving.
  5. Interpersonal Skills including communication skills.

 (CSAT) Guides or Question Banks 

There are numerous books considered for CSAT in the market, regularly puzzling students in this area in what way the select the right book for the exam. Civil Services Preliminary Exam Paper 2 (CSAT) being more practice-oriented, it’s at all times a change for the better to pick books with superiority issues.

  1. CSAT Manual: General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Paper – 2) by TMH 

It is the most common name in this part. This book makes an excellent choice for CSAT Preparation which includes just about all areas of the question paper.

  1. Cracking the CSAT Paper – 2: Civil Services Aptitude Test by Arihant 

This reviewed publication comparatively includes the UPSC syllabus, dealing with the areas on verbal and numerical skills, Data Interpretation, General Mental Ability, Interpersonal Skills and Communication, Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills, and Analytical Ability. Apart from that, it also includes Practice tests and previous year question papers, a serious substitute to TMH Manual, mainly for individuals who are looking to books of the economic price.

  1. Analytical Reason by M.K.Pandey 

This book has been framed with the objective of offering last preparation and rapid understanding, It emphases on the essentials of the topic of reason and intellectual. It is intended to help the student know the initial facets better. At no time get cheated by the striking cover, in other words, don’t book by its cover., as this book will become convenient means for all solemn CSAT applicants

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr.R.S.Aggarwa 

This version comes useful for several entrance examinations, be it an MBA or a job in the Civil Services. One of the chief motives regarding why learners must use this book is that it covers an enormous range of practice questions, frequently clearing up topics like the basic analogy, directions and non-verbal reasoning which you may not find in books on analytical reasoning.

Other CSAT Books in the Market 

  1. Pearson CSAT Manual

2.Trisha’s Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

3.CSAT Conceptual Approach Paper 2 by P. N. Roy Chowdhary

4.CSAT Paper 2 by CI India

5.UPSC Portal – CSAT Comprehensive Manual