DAF Of UPSC Toppers: All Required Details About DAF Of UPSC Toppers

For getting into the Civil Services Mains Examination, 2019, students who have indulged in the requirements of the exam can decide on filing the DAF (CSM) online and submit the same Online for admission to the UPSC Mains Examination.

DAF is the Detailed Application Form that applicants must fill and register online at the UPSC official website so that they can apply for the mains exam.

Before knowing what means the DAF can be filled, you need to glance at some of the important steps to follow while filling DAF.

  1. Don’t direct the DAF print preview pdf to UPSC by mistake. The DAF that is sent to UPSC must be unique.
  2. The DAF must be printed on the single/one-sided page.
  3. Applicants must sign the DAF on each page in the space stated by the UPSC.
  4. Applicants must affix a passport size photograph of theirs, like the photograph displayed in DAF.
  5. Fix central recruitment stamp worth Rs.200 in the space declared. Get it invalid using the post-office seal which must highlight the date and post office name.
  6. Attach all necessary certificates mentioned by UPSC along with the DAF. For general applicants, the certificates required containing Class 10th mark-list to demonstrate DOB and Degree-Certificate to verify your eligibility. The certificates involved must be shown either by a gazetted officer or self-attested with the date.
  7. Superscribe on the top of the envelope -Application for Civil Service (Main) Exam.

Now glance at the important fields to be filled on the Detailed Application Form (DAF).

DAF which stands for Detailed Application Form is a very crucial document, and it defines everything from the career of a candidate to their posting. Hence, it is recommended to all the applicants to give extra care while filling the DAF.

DAF demands eight parts, and each part must be filled in the complete manner.