English Compulsory Paper UPSC: Instructions & Other Details

The UPSC civil services main exam is based on of 9 papers by way of which one is the English language paper.

This paper is obligatory and is of qualifying type.

The marks gained in this paper will not be reckoned for the final ranking.

The main objectives of the English paper are:

  1. To measure an applicant’s aptitude to read and absorb fundamental expressive style.
  2. To measure an applicant’s aptitude to give vent to the thoughts properly and obviously.

Many applicants (who don’t bear a notion about knowing good English) fear needlessly for this paper. Take into account the way to speak or know the Queen’s English to get through this paper successfully. The questions emerged in this paper will be meant to of matriculation or equal average. At this instant revise the portion of grammar and make it certain to study habitually. That will help you pucker a good language and help you score at best compulsory to pass this exam which is 75 out of a total of 300. Given below is the English question paper design for the UPSC civil services main exam together with sample questions:

UPSC mains English compulsory paper syllabus: Following the UPSC notification, the syllabus for the English language paper will be of matriculation or corresponding level.

Instructions to write a good general essay: 

  • Choose your topic wisely.
  • Read more essays to get more ideas.
  • Have a proper structure for your essay. There should be an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Deploy as a means of reaching vigorous voice instead of submissive when it is perceivable. It tends to make your essay seem further fascinating and enthralling
  • Use diverse vocabulary and avoid repeating words.
  • Keep to a confident and fair attitude.
  • Resort to suitable quotations since it demonstrates the knowledge.

Instructions to answer the comprehension question: 

  • Aspirants need not find the conclusion about everything written in the passage, simply devising idea will do.
  • Look at the question attentively and find the answer.
  • Emphasize the important words when looking through the passage.
  • Standby answers which you may hit upon the passage. Do not conclude your own assumption from the passage.
  • The worth of cumulating your lexis cannot be harassed enough. Thus, advance your terminology and increase your chances of appreciating the passage better.
  • Study considerably the comprehension passages as practice makes perfect.