Environment Book For UPSC Prelims & Mains Examination-Check Here

The subject environment has been the salient segment in Civil Services Prelims Paper from the time of 2011 and numerous diversities of questions are probed from this topic.

In accordance with the UPSC syllabus, General issues are based on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity, and Climate Change.

These important books will be handy in completing the portion of the syllabus. For covering the current portion of the environment, aspirants must look at all given books –

  1. Environment by Shankar IAS Academy 

To benefit aspirants in obtaining the fundamentals of the topic Environment while preparation for Civil services examination, the author has marketed for the book, Environment. To get the gist of the paper pattern and syllabus put up by UPSC, this book has been published.

  1. Environment and Ecology – A Complete Guide – by R. Rajagopalan (Lexis Nexis)

This book is presented by R.Rajagopalan has been in print in a rigid style to simplify a logical devaluing of the topics. The question-answer format has been applied to make the knowledge superfluously communicating and purposeful.

As per requirement of questions originated in the UPSC examination, the book presents a solid effort on India, when it is based on the main worldwide matters. It includes management strategies, rules, and guidelines in an inclusive way.

  1. The environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains – by Khuller and Rao (McGraw Hill) 

The book Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains and cover all that you require studying for the civil services examination in this subject. But, it has been intended in a way to be beneficial for other aspirants too who are not looking for the UPSC exams. If aspirants are engrossed in acquiring knowledge about the environment, this book will surely be of use.

The content has been separated into extensive chapters – Environment–General Issues, Ecology, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Pollution, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Climate Change and Sustainable Management and Sustainable Development in particular.

  1. . Environment and Ecology – Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster Management – Majid Husain (Access Publishers 

This book Environment and Ecology is authored by Majid Husain under the publication of Access Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. The collection of the book has been done in a way that it is of use to aspirants taking preliminary along with main examinations of the civil services.

  1. Efforts Towards Green India – Environment & Ecology by Arihant Expert 

This book focuses on the subject of green India deals with 11 Chapters that is Environment, Ecology, Ecosystem and Its Function, Environment Pollution, Biodiversity, Conservation of Biodiversity and Management, Climate Change, Climate Change Conference and Convention, Environmental Planning and Management, Sustainable Development and Disaster Management.