Essay For UPSC: How To Write The Essay For UPSC

In the UPSC Mains, Essay remains 9th paper. This paper aims at writing two essays each consisting of 1000 to 1200.

Applicants are to pick one of the most vital topics that have to be selected from an option of four topics.

The Essay Paper is comprising 250 marks with one essay bearing 125 marks.

It is possible that you might read many articles on the website on how to prepare for the essay paper in the mains exam.

This article states how to write an essay for UPSC exam.

It is suggested that you pay attention to certain steps when writing the essay paper.

How to write the essay for UPSC? 

Read the topics meticulously

This is the most significant step in the process. One should pick one topic out of the four options. At the time when you are selecting the topic, take care that has a knowledge that topic out of the given topics.

What not to Choose 

A topic regarding which you are too avid or interested in. At that point, aspirants get enthusiastic and not able to formulate a well-adjusted essay. This can work contrary to what you might think of.

Find a Reason 

It is suggested to not begin writing a topic the moment you have preferred your subject. It is practical to contemplate time and accumulate your thoughts.

Whatever you write, use the pencil. This becomes necessary as only then you can do justice with your points in the accurate classification.

In case, if you are touching upon India’s relations with neighbors, you require dealing with historical facts and events at the start. Let’s say you are to go into the essay and realize only at the end that you have overlooked to refer to vital detail in the historical part; you are done with it to enhance it due to space constraints.

When you have the approximate points, you can start with your essay. While writing, you must stand by a virtuous style.

The structure of a good essay is given in such a way 



Main issue/problem/subject

Current scenario/current news associated with the topic

Positive and negative parts


Reforms/way forward

You will have the word of praise if you also take in:

Pertinent quotes/proverbs written by famous personalities and confirm to quote precisely. As inapplicable quotes make you seem thoughtless or idle.

Appropriate government structures and guidelines.

Any facts or numbers must be precise or else don’t mention them.

Important pointers to note while you write: 

  • Don’t pick the alternative to abuse and be unkind to your essay.
  • Don’t have risky opinions. The Buddha’s middle path can help you here!
  • Never let problems exist. Make conceivable modifications/solutions also.
  • Don’t indicate the faults of the government or direction disproportionately.
  • Even if the topic is stimulating, it must not be existing in the essay. Organize a composed illustration. It is not mandatory to comply with the topic.
  • You need to circumvent writing ultimate and some ideal answers.
  • Bear in mind that you are dreaming of the officer, not a journalist.