List Of Best Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Books for UPSC-Check Here

Best books for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

  1. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury

This book provides information relating to numerous actions for studies and is a commended book for trainees of the subject.

Access Publishers is authored by two Ex- IAS officers. It comprises

2.Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar

This book is outstanding for resolving in occasion of the studies asking the GS paper 4. As the name of the book recommends, it explains the meaning of many words related to the subject in a clear way.

 3. Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy 

This book is made available by two functioning IAS officers, this book offers a comprehensive interpretation of the plentiful ideas on ethics and also illustrate moral and moral problems that can challenge administrators in their professional lives. The book is published by Tata McGraw Hill.

 4.Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan 

This book is printed by a teacher of this topic and it embraces GS paper 4 profoundly.

5.Ethics in Governance: Innovations, Issues, and Instrumentalities – Ramesh K Arora 

Published by Rawat Publications, this book studies and defines the ancestries of immoral and unprincipled performs in public organizations. It elucidates the necessity for scrupulousness and clarity in public administration. The book also lay emphasis on scheming and realizing sound administrative performs. Moreover, a brief of the report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission on ‘Ethics in Governance’ is also involved.

  1. ARC Reports 

The reports of the Administrative Reforms Commission are very significant in favor of the Ethics paper. Although you don’t catch the time to study the thorough information in an innovative way, do take a synopsis of the reports and look at them. The Second ARC Report on ‘Ethics in Governance’ suggests the subsequent morals in civil services: honesty, neutrality, and non-partisanship, fairness, commitment to public service, empathy, acceptance, and empathy for the weaker-sections. These are openly stated in the UPSC syllabus for GD paper 4.

It is important to select the most recommended study material for the preparation of exam. It is essential to take the help of books that you are straightforward to perceive and study clearly.