Geography For UPSC 2018 : Preparation, Facts, Tips, Books

Geography is the vital part of the UPSC syllabus. It is one of the fascinating subjects which can’t be avoided due to its crucial part of General Studies Paper 1 and the IAS Prelims exam. You need to check the geography section.

In spite of being so exciting, there are some who don’t take the fancy studying Geography as it consists of numerous intrigue facts and details. In this section, you must be well-prepared for memorizing several things. Here come the simple and basic ideas that are sure to fascinate you while reading geography.

If you are amongst the candidates of IAS, then it will be advantageous for you. IAS aspirants need to hone in on the concepts of geography.

Tips to prepare for Geography

Know what to acquire

First things first, you need to get through the UPSC syllabus several times just to gain the idea of the exact thing you are going to study from them. Most importantly, begin studying from NCERTs and move to the higher-level books.

Be familiar with the question paper scheme

It will require to brush off as many last years IPSC question papers as you can for the better comprehension of patterns. Try to grasp the schemes of UPSC paper so that you don’t get astonished seeing the questions.

Recount what you read

It is possible that you might have come across the fascination of Geographies just about regularly in the newspapers or some magazines. After reading the natural disasters or several mishaps, you must recount what you might have read in the textbooks. As a result, you surprisingly will get into the insight of specifics related concepts. By this means, you are formulating a way to prepare for the up-to-date facts. The contents of current matters include the high quantity of geography.

Relate Geography to the history, economics, and other topics

Geography is one subject which surrounds almost everything from history, culture, economy, socio-political chaos in a particular area. For example, for getting into the concept of oil-producing countries, you just have to look to socio-political situation in that area. Geography interrelates anthropology too.

The best-recommended books for the UPSC geography

Leong- Certificate Physical and Human Geography

NCERT Class XI and XII

Arvind Kumar- Geography of India, Periyar Publications

Facts about UPSC Geography Preparation

Learning facts relating to Geography is just a cup of tea. Securing decent marks in geography, you don’t have to devote unnecessarily to it. It is advisable to go by 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard of NCERT. It entails the nitty-gritty of geography and Indian geography. Overall, your best bet would be to focus and focus on the current matters happening around you. After the complete reading, make sure to prepare a note of each thing.

While glancing through the newspaper, it is must to keep atlas with you. Draw a circle on the areas, categorize the rivers involved, hills and ranges which provide valuable insight into the nature of Geography.