Geography Video Lectures for UPSC: Advantages & Other Details

The Video Lectures class is one of the steps initiated to offer applicants a medium to get into the UPSC Exam study material.

These video lectures are connected with UPSC Exam Preparation which will help them gaining candidates as distant knowledge or when they fail to see offline or physical IAS Coaching Classes.

They can watch or download these videos from anyplace and anytime on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Key advantages of Video Lectures in UPSC IAS Exam Preparation 

  • Students gain effectively gain an access to it anytime from anyplace
  • Students may delve into it every time they would like
  • They can become skilled at own limit
  • What is learned and absorbed is of use
  • Prospect for self-analysis. Students may gain knowledge without any assistance and write down notes too watching these videos
  • Download IAS online coaching videos without charge with simply one clicks and watch anytime from everyplace.

The Video Lectures Section is produced occasionally, therefore, if candidates pine for any IAS coaching classes then our online video lectures is the one site where they can retrieve their classes anytime and anywhere.

There are various video lectures.  But two of them which are noticeable are from the extremely famous economist of India and for UPSC candidates the savior for economics Mrunal Patel’s channel at youtube has a part for the geography.
The section covers almost all the topics and syllabus for the Civil services examinations and these video lectures are given by Rajtanil Solanki.
The link to this channel is Geography for UPSC General Studies by Raitanil Solanki second one is
so obvious Roman Saini’s channel academy but then it has two videos, anticipating next ones.