Hindi Literature UPSC: Books, Preparation Tips & Other Details

Hindi Literature is a noticeable and most favourite optional for UPSC aspirants who have fair enough knowledge in this lingo. That does not imply that one must be Hindi literature graduate. So far, the participant had better a virtuous knowledge of the language. Hindi Literature is the main optional subject wherein UPSC candidates from Hindi literature family will not require confronting the competition with English medium entrants. This subject is also studied in a short span of time. A time of three months is adequate to plan a strategy for the topic completely.

Hindi Literature books for UPSC mains 

  • Aadhunik Sahitya ki pravritiyan – Namavar Sinha
  • Jaayasee aakalan ke aayaam- Sadanand Shaheen
  • Kabeer –Param Anand Srivastav
  • Kabeer ke salad – Dr Sukadev Sinha
  • Khadi Boli ka prarambhik Swaroop – Nilesh Jain
  • Mahasabha mulyankan ke paripekshy – Sadanand Shaheen
  • Mohan Rakesh our ashadh ka Ek din –Gireesh Rastogi
  • Nirmala rachita Raam kee shakti pooja bhaashy –Dr. surya prasaad Dikshit
  • Prasāda aura śkandgupta – Dr. Rēvatīramana
  • Triveni – Acharya Ramachandra Shukla

UPSC Preparation Tips 

Aspirants must keep to exam instructions to appear in the exam. This guidance is needed for any exam. The exam is held once each year. Preparation and greater effort are incredibly vital to cope with any viable exam. This paper involves 250 scores. Time length for this paper remains 3 hours.

  1. Identify UPSC Hindi syllabus 

Aspirants need to first know the whole syllabus before they start preparing for the examination. Students look to the topics relevant to the chapter for UPSC Mains 2019 Exam.

  1. Pick Best Reference Books for UPSC Hindi 

In order to prepare Hindi Optional Subject, candidates must prepare some recommended books for the exam which are optional and language Subjects.

  1. Make a Study Strategy 

Formulating a proper strategy is imperative in the exam preparation. It has a greater role getting virtuous marks in the exam. Prepare a plan regular and scheduled plan to prepare for Hindi Optional Paper. Assign the required time aimed at exam study and set aside the time for enjoying, drinking, viewing television, and learning. It is just to give as a minimum 8 hours to exam study.