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It might prove a bit hard to study for the History section in the UPSC exam. There have been times where the history topics have left students astonished a puzzled at the sight of complex questions in the examination. But this is the notion that is anticipated by many who could not make the grade during the examination. What is essential is the study from different sources relating the subjects on History. There has been given some of the best-selected History Notes for the decent preparation. With these notes, it is possible to approach the Historical events and cultures resulting in the increase of knowledge.

Indian History Notes 

  1. Classical Dances of India: Everything you need to know about Click Here
  2. Medieval India: 18th Century Political Formations (NCERT) Click Here
  3. Medieval India: Regional Cultures (NCERT) Click Here
  4. Medieval India: Bhaktism, Sufism, and Sikhism (NCERT) Click Here
  5. Medieval India: Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities (NCERT) Click Here
  6. How to study Indian culture for UPSC Civil Services Exam? Click Here
  7. Medieval India: Towns, Traders and Craft persons (NCERT) Click Here
  8. Officers of the Mughal Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation Click Here
  9. Officers of the Delhi Sultanate: Easy to Learn Compilation Click Here
  10. Officers of the Gupta Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation Click Here
  11. Officers of the Mauryan Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation Click Here
  12. Officers during the Vedic Period: Easy to Learn Compilation Click Here
  13. 7 Major Environmental Movements in India Click Here
  14. Buddhist Councils: Everything you need to know! Click Here
  15. UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: Names from India Click Here
  16. Important Indus Valley Sites and Archaeological Discoveries Click Here

Medieval Indian History  

 Sr. No. Topic
01. Delhi Sultanate Click Here 
02. Vijayanagar Empire Click Here
03. Mughal Empire Click Here
04. Maratha Empire Click Here
05. Europeans in India Click Here

 Modern Indian History

 Sr. No. Topic
01. Peasant Movements in India Click Here
02. East India Company Rule in India Click Here
03. Anglo Sikh Wars Click Here
04. Anglo Mysore Wars Click Here
05. Anglo Maratha Wars Click Here
06. The economic impact of British Rule in India Click Here
07. Land Revenue System of British in India Click Here

 Indian Culture  

 Sr. No. Topic
01. Indian Classical Dances Click Here