How Many Attempts For UPSC General: Category, Age Limit, Attempts & Other Details

At the moment, the Union Public Service Commission allows a general group applicant to have six endeavors and the most age of 32 years to devote to the exam.

Some years back, it would be 26 years and the maximum number of endeavors four.

Rumors turn up occasionally of the commission lessening the upper age perimeter and as well the number of endeavors allowable.

These accounts frighten aspirants.

To begin with, confirm the subsequent table for the number of attempts and the upper age limit for each class.

Category Age Limit Number of Attempts
General 32 6
OBC 35 9
SC/ST 37 Unlimited till the upper age limit is reached
Physically Handicapped 42 9 for Gen and OBC. Unlimited till age limit for SC/ST.
J&K Domicile 37 (Gen), 40 (OBC), 42 (SC/ST), 50 (PH) Unlimited till the upper age limit is reached
Disabled servicemen disabled from duty 37 (Gen), 38 (OBC), 40 (SC/ST) Unlimited till the upper age limit is reached

UPSC age limit and the number of attempts for UPSC 

  • Students who are to the advantage of lessening the age offer an opinion that many teenagers use the time to no purpose taking a crack at to UPSC exam. If it is not so, then they turn out the step to make their careers at a somewhat later phase in life.
  • This probably will be difficult for a number of students, if not all and sundry. Similarly, candidates and their relatives used up an enormous sum of money with the passing of the year in the event they need to be definite.
  • This creates an immense monetary channel for them which can possibly be circumvented if the age limit is brought down.
  • Individuals have claimed that taking freshers in these services is appropriate considering that they are even now vulnerable to be shaped into moral and principled officers.
  • In advance of that, there remain individuals who are not in favor of the lessening of age perimeter and the number of attempts.
  • This is mainly for the pastoral applicants who are not able to get into coaching centers and suggested study material corresponding to urban or semi-urban equivalents.
  • Those who can retrieve the internet service have an advantage over those who don’t have a privilege of the internet.
  • A further dispute is that those who are of advanced age might be more skilled and knowledgeable in life and perhaps in career too.
  • This involvement possibly will be an aid in jobs as forthcoming officers of the nation.
  • Additionally, it is the capability and purposes of an individual that carries some weight and not age. Not a single person ought to be excluded helping the state if they would like to due to the age issue.