How To Choose Optional Subject For UPSC Mains: Selection, Background, Instructions & Other Details

Albeit, just one optional subject to pick for mains exam, most of the applicant in spite of everything find it hard in picking the optional subject.

Majority of applicant before taking on coaching center, the question they seem to be questioning from teachers is which optional subject to pick.

There is no subject that is effortless and simple optional subject intended for mains, and it hinges on each candidate what is straightforward and what not.

Basis of Selection IAS Mains Optional Paper 

  • Personal interest on the subject
  • Exactly distinct and moderately calculable syllabus
  • Access to scoring nature of the subject
  • Accessibility of skilled recommendation
  • Education background (commerce/engineering/medicine etc.)

Nearly everyone with IAS objective has to select an optional as they regard it as a scoring subject and a few e subjects that are regarded as scoring are Geography and Public Administration. After considering the scores of these subjects in the previous years in mains exam, applicants have gotten with above 400, whereas in Public Administration, several applicants have been scoring more than 340 and 350.

To take an optional subject having past background 

Those who became or Mastered any subject pick out the identical subject being optional in the Civil Services Exam. This is a good thing that the applicants are by now acquainted with the subject and not required to do much hard work in the preparation of optional. Here, graduation in humanities actually benefits most in regard of optional subjects cited above are including Arts subjects. Consequently, if applicants are chasing graduation or masters in any of the Arts subjects and longing for taking exam then it is recommended to follow it incredibly

Some Instructions in a word for Choosing the Right Optional Subject 

  The subject must: 

  • Excite you
  • Make you familiar with t it
  • Must not turn your mood off
  • Make you think in a variety of aspects
  • Have books simply obtainable

It is well directed to all the applicants while selecting an optional subject not to ponder over the marks, thus pick a topic with the aforesaid abilities and one thing to remember that these virtues may vary from one candidate to the other.

Under this criterion, there exist subjects of geography and public administration accompanied by history, sociology and Anthropology. Among the 27 optional subjects counting the Literature subject, these five optional subjects virtually include the 50 percent part of mains optional subjects

Importance of optional subjects 

  • Anthropology is prevalent besides scoring subject and interesting as well, easy to grasp for science students, students here they have to memorize diagrams, importance to tribal issues and relate topics to current affairs.
  • While subject like Public Administration has a definite syllabus and quite limited especially for Paper II and one can cover it within 5 months or so, it requires limited coaching and most syllabus involves self-study.
  • Geography too is a subject with a certain syllabus but massive and applicants with this optional have to focus on theoretical questions that need profound assessments.
  • The History optional is rather general only as every person has learned history in school and most of the alumni and applicant would have procured history has the main. Too, individual will find History of interest subject together with scoring.
  • Sociology is easy to grasp and extremely fascinating as the issues contained are about humanity and the actual society we live in. It needs the aptitude to differentiate between intellectual concepts and notions.