How To Prepare Geography Optional For UPSC: Definition, Concept, Application

Geography is regarded as an actual optional contained within the UPSC civil services mains exam.

Its admiration originates from the reason that it makes sense to anyone despite their academic background.

The majority of applicants who go in for this optional in fact might not have prepared for graduation or post-graduation.

This article provides a review of valued instructions to score high in the Geography optional paper.

  1. In the mains, candidates will have an option of endeavoring five questions within eight. Geography papers have a tendency to belong. Therefore, they should not take about five minutes to choose the questions that you will be trying.
  2. There are usually sub-parts to all the questions. Select those questions for which you recognize all the sub-parts. This confirms extreme marks.
  3. It is not good to prepare unfinished maps. Maps are fairly scoring, and you must guarantee that you attain the all-out advantage out of these questions. It is important to study well and organize the maps with precise labeling.
  4. Always make an effort to validate your answers through General Studies portions anywhere pertinent. This indicates that you are well-versed with current affairs. Geography is an inter-disciplinary subject and so you can involve content from anthropology, economics, ecology, environment, etc.
  5. Continuously make the use of case studies and additional instances and amount to highpoint what you are trying to put across by answers. Offer graphs where thinkable.
  6. Comprise pertinent models to the answers.
  7. If you are questioned on a theory or a model, you may follow the subsequent outline at the time of writing your answers:
  • Definition
  • Concept
  • Theory/Model
  • Application
  • Role in contemporary world
  • Criticism
  1. In addition to the standard textbooks, you must read the following magazines:
  • Geography and You
  • Yojana/Kurukshetra
  1. Acquire tempo while writing through plenty of test practice.

10 Go through completely. Don’t leave out anything.

  1. In a few cases, you can contain historical viewpoints to a subject or idea. This will improve the worth of answers and make an impact that you are an individual with multidimensional information.


  • It is a reasonable and lucid subject and thus extremely respected by science students.
  • The preparation overlays the GS Paper-1 and ultimately in numerous parts of GS Paper 3. Thus, one optional subject can complete about 20% in prelims and over 40% in Mains.
  • There is an enormous room for origination in answers in terms of graphics diagrams, drawing maps, flowcharts, etc. which can fetch one more marks.
  • The adequate handiness of material helps to clear the optional.


  • Existing as second most favored optional, to have an advantage other, the answers must remarkably good as UPSC presents marks in the last few years.
  • Maps become scoring, however, a little mistake makes you lose the marks.