How To Use Evernote For UPSC: Tags, Mini-books, Shortcuts & Other Details

Evernote is an amazing tool for organizing your notes. If the aspirants know how to make use of it in an effective way, it becomes rather beneficial. Simultaneously if the categorizing system is defective, they would have prepared a number of notes and result in ravaging a great deal of time, without being on familiar terms within what manner to fast get into them.

Evernote is a throughput means.  In excess of simply perceiving it as a device which will help in CSE preparation, it acts as a leading light that assures to shape your life.

Since it is in use most of the times, you will get more and more efficient in leveraging its power.

The first step is to start using Evernote. Evernote is always weighed up by students with regard to note-making.

Use Tags 

Aspirants are suggested to use Notebooks and Stacks for each topic. This is a very incompetent technique. As it doesn’t let you keep the similar note on diverse topics. Ponder over this. You possibly would have fabricated a note on Agriculture.

If you have a tendency to classify with the help of notebooks, it will be required to redo the note. In its place, form an only note, build two tags: – human geography, Indian economy. This signifies that you ought to oversee the note barely at one area and make it seem in each group. If you are not bound for using Evernote lengthily, there is no requirement for benefiting this system. You may opt for Notebooks and Stacks.

Make Mini-books 

It is very important to designate. It is as well vital to produce a Table of Contents. In short of this, you will have got to look for it, which even supposing is a worthy attribute, is not the ideal solution to access notes which you frequently require.

Create shortcuts 

After generating a Mini book, produce a short-cut to that notebook. This indicates prompt approach.

Use offline notebooks 

This is the best element. If you have money, develop it. Some notes are susceptible to be substantial, in a way they are featuring numerous illustrations and imageries. So, these notes are better off as offline. It is easier to reach the notes when offline.


Use these features lavishly. It would be fun to read notes with all these

Scan pictures 

One of the most noticing attributes is its pursuit purpose ranges all the more so to handwritten notes.

Make an Appropriate Tagging System 

The tagging system must be technical. In other words, it must be centered on comprehensive values. Rather than generating unplanned tags on the moving outline a certain system which is grounded in instructions. Particularly for Civil service and other competitive exams, there are many sources that are put together on the internet. Producing it or recording it as hard copies will be reasonably hard.

Evernote is simply like the computer-generated notebook. You can generate any quantity of notebooks. With Evernote, students can attach the web article as per need, de-mess the webpage with the browser extension.

You can gain access to study materials that are kept in Evernote where ever and every time you need on condition that you have arranged for the data connection in the mobile. Materials are easily available through an easy search by keywords or Tags.