How To Write Answer In UPSC: introduction, Directive Words & Other Details

This article gives an overview over by what means to write improved answers for the mains.

The exam contains descriptive papers where aspirants must note down answers in a brochure given to them.

There will not be a provision of supplementary sheets to write down answers.

In addition, it will be required to follow the total word specified for the question.

Occasionally, it can be of the opinion like you have plenty to say where the word count limit and the space restraint will not permit to acquire the same. Nevertheless, this is just the point.

You must answer what is demanded by the authority within limitations.

For individuals prone to devising little and efficient answers, this is standard for the course.

On the contrary, others are at ease writing down extensive answers, this can remain problematic.

To gain more points in the exam, you will have to answer short and snappy.

There are countless aspects in which you possibly may adorn the answers and make them seem tempting.

Pay attention to the directive words 

The Commission anticipates touching upon answers consistent with what is looked for. In case, there are some of the questions that are in need of conferring, a few guesses them to appraise, others to explain and so on. There is an odds-on to make the grade if adhere to this.

Keep the introduction epigrammatic 

Each time you begin to get into an introduction to any topic, allow for keeping to short and brief answers. The emphasis of the answer must be what is demanded. The introduction ought to be reason enough to give the pertinent contextual data.

Give up the argot 

Abstain from using a whole heap of practical cliches in the answers. Albeit you make out them, cease from presentation them. The examiner supposes applicants to clarify intricate ideas in a natural way.

Give examples and provisions 

Every time support your facts or lookouts with true instances. Similarly, citing the requirements of the Constitution anyplace required in polity questions.

Keep to a grade form 

Don’t forget to build up answers in detail.  They may add introductions, headings and subheadings, and conclusions to the answers. This upgrades the skill of comprehension for the answers, in that way it helps the examiner grasp the content easily.

Improve the answers with diagrams 

It is requested to put forwards quality, simple and considered diagrams science, geography, anthropology, international relations, polity, etc. These are the sections where aspirants can demonstrate the diagrams. Aspirants may display graphs in themes like economics.