How Tough Is UPSC: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Percentage, Preparation

In usual, aspirants wonder in what way this exam can be difficult the UPSC exam can be. In reality. There is a certainty for the exam to be the toughest and competitive. Although, it is not unbeatable. Here, you are to know how this exam is considered so tough.

The Exam Pattern 

The original aspect that renders IAS exam very demanding is its exam pattern. It entails three steps:

  1. UPSC Prelims
  2. UPSC Mains
  3. UPSC Board Interview

The aspirant must clear each step to advance towards the next step which further indicates that the complexity reason enhances per step. The last stage can as well be a difficult thing to get through for the reason that the UPSC analyses the information and aptitude to make the note but nature and skill to manage states. It requires an unusual sort of preparation to surmount the exam.

The UPSC Syllabus 

The second crucial aspect to indicate the term difficult is the syllabus. It is certainly enormously big and comprises a varied choice of topics, not like several further exams where it requires to have knowledge of a couple of subjects.

The pass percentage 

When studying the success rate in the exam, it is easy to perceive that why it is contemplated as the demanding exam in India as each year, thousands of individuals appear in the exam among which merely around 25% surpass it and take the next step towards mains. Once more, with this figure, about 15% get to the interview phase. In the interview stage, the success rate is about 50%. Thus, overall, the pass percentage in the exam is under 1%. This is an off-putting number. Nevertheless, perk up with the true manner of IAS preparation, you will be included in the category of 1%.

The preparation times 

One more aspect that makes the exam seem difficult is it requires an ample time to prepare for the exam. In general, it takes around a whole year to formulate the exam. A number of applicants could take a year and a half, but others may take just 10 months. It is contingent on the person’s interests and planning method.

The UPSC exam can be called tough owing to the aspect. Nevertheless, aspirants can beat this exam in a good way keeping to a plan and prepare with the way and in the correct method, you can easily clear this exam.