Indian Economy For UPSC: All Required Details About The Indian Economy

Indian Economy is a fundamental measure of the IAS prelims exam. In the year 2017, 16 questions seemed to appear from the subject of economics.

This subject holds an incalculable essence from a current affairs standpoint, particularly the topics of government arrangements and strategies.

This article presents the synopsis of proper policy design to include Indian Economy in 50 days for the IAS prelims exam.

Prepare for Indian Economy 

Day 1 – 2- Look over class 1X NCERT Economics which is considered as the fundamental book playing a whole part in the acquaintance on areas corresponding to scarcity, sustenance refuge, people, etc.

Day 3 – 5- Look over class X NCERTs Understanding Economic Development. This book will be of immense assistance to deal with the themes on state revenue, investment, segments of the wealth, globalization, etc. This book stresses on the issue of customer entitlements which is not very vital. It can be completed just going through once.

Day 6 -7- At present, crack preceding years question papers of the prelims and the mains. This book aims to make you aware of the topic you find it hard to comprehend.

Day 9 – 10- Read class X1 NCERT textbook ‘Indian Economic Development.’ This book has covered the Indian economy from 1947 to the liberalization era.

Day 11 – 12- Now read about social sector initiatives and other governmental programs and schemes.

Day 13 – 16- Look at Indian Economy’ by Ramesh Singh. Aspirants should be choosy regarding all the topics contained in the NCERTs must be covered. NCERTs offer a reliable basis assisting in covering all facts.

Day 17 – 18- Go through class X11 NCERT textbook Introductory Macroeconomics. Now, there are topics such as state revenue, investment, economic, outflows, etc.

Day 19: Flick through imperative groups and information.

Day 20 – 25- Study class X11 NCERT textbook Introductory Macroeconomics. At this stage, develop the notions such as the strategic economy, market economy, demand, and supply, etc. At present, with a single glance at the topic involved.

Day 26 – 29- Examine Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. They must involve all the topics covered in the class X11 NCERTs.

Day 30 – 31- Keep informed with the significant information, boards, and many directories.

Day 32 – 39- Analyze the Economic Survey of India

Day 40: On this day, you should update your static notes with the relevant current affairs material.

Day 41 – 42: Answer preceding years question papers and also practice mock tests.

Day 43- Aspirants may keep to descriptive concepts or topics from books or online sources.

Day 44 – 46: Study the current affairs notes.

Day 47 – 49: Revise your NCERT notes.

Day 50- At last you must examine entire topics in the UPSC prelims syllabus intended for economics and perceive whether you encompassed all.  It is must to undergo current affairs notes and study them.