Last 10 Years UPSC Mains Question Papers Free PDF Download

Practicing on previous question papers is considered as the 0e significant step in civil services exam preparation.

Therefore, this page has cropped up an idea to offer previous years question papers to all IAS candidates putting in great effort doing well in the civil services mains 2019 exam, since this plan is concerning the General Studies question paper design.

These question papers previous years do the work of sample papers. As a result, make sure to reach cognizance of question papers with the intention of getting informed.

Importance of solving Previous Mains Question Papers of UPSC 

  • Previous Year Question papers are the greatest reliable basis for figuring out the patterns of the exam, especially Main examination.
  • One of the significant fundamentals of the Civil Service Examination preparations is going through previous year question papers and sample papers. A
  • aspirants must not show negligence to the weight of previous year question papers.
  • Cracking these papers offer the aspirants certain genus of substitutes a bit of self-assessment about their speed and time management in both the prelims and the main examination.
  • With practicing previous years paper, there will be fewer probabilities regretting in the examination.
  • Answering these papers, aspirants can make out the sort of questions which are common in sample papers. Therefore, it is easy to fathom what not to overlook.
2009 Question Paper 1

2009 Question Paper 2

2010 Question Paper 1

2010 Question Paper 2

2011 Question Paper 1

2011 Question Paper 2

2012 Question Paper 1

2012 Question Paper 2

2013 Question Paper 1

2013 Question Paper 2

2013 Question Paper 3

2013 Question Paper 4

2014 Question Paper 1

2014 Question Paper 2

2014 Question Paper 3

2014 Question Paper 4

2015 Question Paper 1

2015 Question Paper 2

2015 Question Paper 3

2015 Question Paper 4

2016 Question Paper 1

2016 Question Paper 2

2016 Question Paper 3

2016 Question Paper 4