List Of UPSC Toppers: Check Here

The civil services prelims exam is held in June. Aspirants must be thoroughly ready with the exam draws near.

The aspirants must have an understanding of the best optional subject that they can choose for mains exam which you can take if you clear and get the required cut off. As of 2011, you must take only one optional as against two optional subjects.

Going for an option is a risky matter with many a candidate wondering about to choose one subject. Since there are two optional subject papers, you should come to an astute conclusion given many aspects. Here, the aspirant will study about IAS toppers with optional subjects.

How to select the best optional for the IAS exam? 

A lot of things are taken into accounts such as academic background, interests, fondness for a subject, up-to-date acquaintance levels, and other aspects like popularity, scoring subject or not, etc.

Year Topper Name (AIR 1) Optional Subjects Home State Service Opted
2016 Nandini K R Kannada Literature Karnataka IAS
2015 Tina Dabi Political Science Delhi IAS
2014 Ira Singhal Geography Delhi IAS
2014 Gaurav Agarwal Economics Rajasthan IAS
2012 Haritha V Kumar Economics & Malayalam Literature Kerala IAS
2011 Shena Aggarwal Psychology Haryana IAS
2010 S Divyadharshini Public Administration & Law Tamil Nadu IAS
2009 Shah Faesal Public Administration & Urdu Literature Jammu & Kashmir IAS
2008 Shubhra Saxena Psychology & Public Administration Uttar Pradesh IAS
2007 Adapa Karthik Zoology & Psychology Telangana IAS
2006 Mutyalaraju Revu Electrical Engineering & Maths Andhra Pradesh IAS
2005 Mona Pruthi English Literature & Sociology Haryana IAS
2004 S Nagarajan Geography & Sociology Tamil Nadu IAS
2003 Roopa Mishra Psychology & Public Administration Odisha IAS
2002 Ankur Garg Physics & Chemistry Punjab IAS
2001 Alok Ranjan Jha Geography Bihar IFS
2000 Vijaylakshmi Bidari Kannada Literature Karnataka IAS
1999 Sourabh Babu Maths & Mechanical Engineering Uttar Pradesh IAS
1998 Bhawna Garg Maths & Chemistry Punjab IAS
1997 Devesh Kumar Chemistry & Geography Bihar IAS
1996 Sunil Kumar Barnwal Physics & Maths Jharkhand IAS
1995 Iqbal Dhaliwal Economics & Public Administration Tamil Nadu IAS
1994 Srivatsa Krishna Public Administration & Psychology Karnataka IAS
1991 Raju Narayana Swamy Medicine & Malayalam Literature Kerala IAS

The list of optional subjects of some other IAS toppers (AIR excluding 1)

Topper Name Rank Year Optional Subjects
Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan


2 2015 Philosophy
Roman Saini 18 2013 Medical Science
Amrutesh Aurangabadkar 10 2011 Sociology & Philosophy
Artika Shukla 4 2015 Medical Science
Bharti Dixit 5 2013 Medical Science