Management Optional UPSC: Check Here

Management is considered as the optional subject that is only suggested to those who are from management family moreover at the graduate or post-graduate level.

This is not the subject to be easily got knack with reading just once. Being a management graduate and reveling in the subject in college, go in for this optional and make a most of it in the mains exam.

Consider some benefits of taking management as optional: 

  • Management is a rational subject. Not like humanities, maximum perceptions in management are ambiguous and clear. There include right and wrong answers with no subjective answers. Therefore, it is easy to gauge the performance involved in the examination.
  • The questions are simpler to predict in contrast to extra subjects. There are definite themes among which questions appear.
  • The questions are generally straight-forward.
  • A small number of hopefuls are for this optional so not as much of rivalry.

The papers 

Paper 1 is theoretical and the topics including are managerial functions and process, OB and design; HRM, accounting for the manager, financial management, and marketing management.

Paper 2 covers quantitative techniques in decision making, operations management, MIS, government business interface; strategic management, and international business.

In what way to deal with the papers 

Paper 1 is normally straightforward and easy seeing that it is frequently academic. At the same time, economic questions are academic. Write down with the emphasis on points. Avoid making use of terminology. Use the earlier question papers to get a reasonable knowledge of the topics to be concentrated on. Crackdown on HR and OB topics.

Paper 2 is completely focused on application. It is normally drawn-out as it encompasses arithmetic and case studies. Then it is too helps in obtaining scores. Keep in mind to get through straightforward patterns and methods. Subjects that require more concentration are operations, business statistics, and strategic management.

By methods of adequate practice, aspirants are sure to become well-versed with the concept of questions and can complete the paper in a given time.

 Study material for UPSC management optional/UPSC management optional books 

  • Books that your studies during your management course would be enough for the UPSC exams also. You don’t need to go into detail for all the topics.
  • Refer IGNOU booklets on management. They are a must-have.
  • HRM – Ashwathappa, Prasad
  • Organisational Behavior – Robbins, Luthans
  • Marketing – Kotler, Saxena
  • Strategic Management – Michael Porter
  • Operations – Adams, Taha, David Collier
  • MIS – Loudon and Loudon
  • Finance – Ross, Westerfield and Jaffe; Khan & Jain
  • Quantitative techniques – Levin & Rubin
  • Management – Koontz and Koontz, Drucker
  • The internet is also an excellent source for this optional as it provides updated information, especially for MIS, international business, and business-government interface.

Brief instructions to consider 

  • Make use of preceding year papers.
  • Come to terms with of essentials in a respective subject.
  • Carry out answer writing practice