Manu Maharaj UPSC Rank: All Required Details About Manu Maharaj

Coming down right, Manu Maharaj hails from Himachal Pradesh. Soon after, he had his schooling from Shimla, who further went in with IIT Roorkey aimed at B. Tech. He had on hand a covetable work although remained fixed on the opinion of not getting into the corporate sector. Rather, he started preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination. All at once, he registered with the Environmental Science course at JNU, Delhi.

About Manu Maharaj, 

  • He ventured into UPSC CSE in 2005. It is quite astounding to see that his penchant was IPS, not IAS and would like to turn out to be an IPS officer. He got success in shaping up goals.
  • He succeeded in getting a remarkable AIR rank to become IAS officer but decided on being a functional specialist like IPS, not a generalist.
  • He was not able to get Himachal Pradesh into corps and the rooster system selected him in Bihar.
  • Manu Maharaj has a Brahmin background originating in a conventional Brahmin family.
  • Though, his work not even give an opinion resulting in biased verdicts on the basis of standing.
  • Manu Maharaj captured the interest of Nitish Kumar in initial days in. He is from Himachal Pradesh and is non-political. His conclusions don’t display a bit of preconceived notion.
  • He is also critical of taking any decision based on caste line. These blends gave Nitish Kumar reason to declare him most reliable. It goes without saying, he never let down CM down.