Mathematics Optional UPSC: Scoring, Subjects & Other Important Details

Taking up mathematics ensures good scores in the Mains examination. The aspirants originating in B. Sc Mathematics or B. Tech background may decide on Mathematics in the examination.  Studying Mathematics is at all times cool. Correct policy and detailed practice are vital to getting a knack of Mathematics optional.


Maths has remained a scoring subject, whether in the UPSC exams or any additional exam. With proper study, it is easy to give the exam in a correct manner. After a thorough and detailed analysis of subject obtaining the expected marks is no major concern.

Usually undemanding 

The questions in this paper usually appear from the textbooks. Aspirants being graduate with Maths will find the questions easier.

No competition 

A few applicants go in for this optional, therefore the competition is to some degree measuring up other subjects like history or sociology.

You distinguish how fine deal with it 

Regarding other subjects such as humanities, there is for all time a part of partiality mixed up, with the examiner’s individual biases having an effect. Aimed at the identical answer, two examiners may evaluate in a different way. Then this is not concerning mathematics which is a thorough science. The answer is moreover correct or incorrect. Therefore, attending the exam, you can visualize your performance in the examination.

Static subject 

The syllabus for this subject is static which not associated with current affairs. As students draw closer to the syllabus, it is not required to always keep informed, just brushing up will be sufficient.

Books for Mathematics Paper I & Paper II/UPSC Maths optional booklist 

Mathematics Paper I 

  • Analytic Geometry – Shanti Narayan, HC Sinha, DK Jha and Sharma
  • Calculus – Shanti Narayan
  • Dynamics, Statics and Hydrostatics – M. Ray
  • Linear Algebra – K.C. Prasad, KB Datta
  • Ordinary Differential equations:- MD Raising Lumina, Golden series-NP Bali
  • Vector analysis – Shanti Narayan

Mathematics Paper II 

  • Algebra – KC Prasad, KB Datta
  • Complex Analysis – GK Ranganath
  • Linear Programming – S.D Sharma
  • Mechanics & Fluid dynamics – AP Mathur, Azaroff Leonid
  • Numerical analysis and Computer Progg. – V. Rajaraman, SS Shastri
  • Partial Diff.eqs. – Singhania
  • Real Analysis – Shanti Narayan, Royden

Detailed reference books 

  • Algebra – J. N. Sharma and S. N. Goyal
  • Analytical Solid Geometry – Shanti Narayanan
  • Calculus – I. A. Menon
  • Complex Analysis – Schaum Series
  • Coordinate Geometry – R. L. Soni
  • Differential Calculus – Gorakh Prasad
  • Differential Equations – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres)
  • Linear Algebra – Schaum Series (Lipshutz) or Sharma and Vashishta
  • Mathematics Dictionary – James
  • Matrices – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or Vashisth
  • Mechanism – D. S. Mathur
  • Modern Algebra – A. R. Vashisth
  • Numerical Analysis – S.S. Sastry
  • Operations Research – Kanti Swarup
  • Solid Mechanism – Kazmi
  • Statistical Mechanism – Carson Horg
  • Textbook of Coordinate Geometry – Rai Ballabh