Mekong Ganga Cooperation UPSC: Points, Construction, Key Facts 

The alliance organizes a range of states of the Rivers Ganga and Mekong region aimed at monetary assistance. The application for the development of the Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC) was firmed up by means of the foreign ministers of the six members at the diversion of the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in Bangkok, Thailand, in the time of July 2000. The federation was officially embarked on November 10, 2000, in Vientiane, Laos, after the Vientiane Declaration, sketching out the elementary matter of the Teamwork, was contracted by ministers in lieu of six affiliated nations.


The MGC is designed for the evolvement of interactions and virtuous perception amid the associated nations to augment bond, unity, and support; enabling freeway movement and transit transport of goods and folks in the county giving rise to de rigueur infrastructural services in the Ganga-Mekong basin zones and advancing dynamic contribution in the abolition of poverty.


The official assembly of the MGC so far, is to go forward as it should be. As said by an introductory notion document backed up by MGC, Ministerial Meetings will be drawn out once a year being continuous with the AMMs. The chairmanship will be interchanged in order. The nation which functions as head means to be the Secretariat to perform management and application of the Collaboration plot.


The introductory encounter in November 2000 acknowledged travel, principles, and the expansion of forces existing as the primary stage on the road that will bring about better interactions of infrastructures, carriage, and set-up progress. With regard to tour, it is earmarked to lead tactical analyses intended for dual advertising, the introduction of Mekong-Ganga Tourism Investment Guide, enabling the travel of the individuals in the part, augmenting multi-facet interaction and carriage relatives to augment voyage and tourism with the campaign for cultural-religious parcel trips.

Key Facts 

India and affiliate countries settled for anticipating advancement in the upcoming days and more advanced, an expansion of reciprocally advantageous firm and teamwork. They have assigned the perception proceedings on development of assignment influence on seafaring and connectedness extra time of (India-Myanmar-Thailand) trilateral freeway into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Mekong Ganga Cooperation (MGC) bloc 

It is an outline put forward by India and five ASEAN countries, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to get support in travel, nation, edification, on top of conveyance and infrastructures. It was initiated in 2000 at Vientiane, Laos. It is designated following Ganga and the Mekong which are advanced rivers. It focuses on to simplifying links surrounded by the people dwelling in main river basins.