UPSC Optional Subjects 2019: Choose Your Optional Subjects For UPSC

The Prestigious Civil Services examination results in three successive stages that any individual desiring for performing well in the exam will be taking upheld by UPSC which is state as Union Public Service Commission.

The UPSC mains (written) examination encompasses nine papers which take in two qualifying papers and seven papers intended to be totalled for the structure of ranking.

Along with new exam pattern, the number of optional subjects for UPSC exam to be preferred by the contender for Mains exam has diminished to nothing.

The civil services mains exam General Studies papers make up 1000 marks and the two Optional Papers will be representing 250 marks each.

This article allocates the information arranged for the number of optional papers to be there in UPSC exam.

General Studies Paper I to IV for IAS Mains Exam 

The Four General Studies Papers are:

General studies Topics covered Total marks
General studies Paper-I Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society) 250
General studies Paper-II Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations 250
General studies Paper-III Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management 250
General Studies Paper IV Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 250

10 best optional subjects below-given are other subjects that are reserved as optional by applicants who performed in UPSC 2016 Exam and were suggested:

Sl. No. Optional Subject Number of candidates appeared No. of candidates recommended Success Rate
1 Chemistry 124 7 5.6
2 Commerce and Accountancy 266 15 5.6
3 History 3870 212 5.5
4 Law 365 19 5.2
5 Philosophy 2092 84 4
6 Zoology 484 18 3.7
7 Mathematics 277 8 2.9

Correspondingly, there remained numerous applicants who took literature as the optional subject, however, there were insufficient literature subjects, but it became successful making it in 10 best optional.

These are a separate list that aspirant needs to glance through to identify the top literature subjects as optional.

Sl. No. Literature Optional Subject Number of candidates appeared No. of candidates recommended Success Rate
1 Assamese 5 2 40
2 Punjabi 19 5 26.3
3 Gujarati 42 7 16.7
4 Kannada 84 14 16.7
5 Marathi 42 7 16.7
6 English 40 6 15
7 Urdu 29 4 13.8
8 Tamil 225 29 12.9
9 Sanskrit 122 10 8.2
10 Malayalam 67 5 7.5
11 Pali 255 18 7.1
12 Telugu 147 9 6.1
13 Hindi 974 56 5.7

After the attainment of optional papers, it is recommended don’t make for success rate as an alternative try to find the total number of applicants who have reserved a specific optional subject and total number applicants suggested by means of that optional subject. Applicants must as well think of that these are simply inclines and they ought to indicate the optional subject specifically for curiosity more willingly than determining which topic is prevalent or scoring. They would too devise the accessibility of study materials of the optional subject earlier picking it as a way of the discovery the basis for the optional subject must not waste the time.