Ultimate Guide about IAS Exam and IAS Preparation

UPSC / IAS Exam Preparation

Many newbies have the most frequent question their mind regarding how to start UPSC/ IAS preparation? Many students decided to become an IAS when they were in their school grades, at the start of graduation or end of the graduation, Some think to start IAS preparation after their Post-graduation and the last, Some people decide to start IAS preparation after becoming professional or start working somewhere else.

The people who decide later to become an IAS or join any Civil service doesn’t mean they find it hard or the student who decide it in the early age that also didn’t give guarantees that they will do it in a single attempt.

This post will give you an overview of IAS Preparation which will be the most effective way to start IAS Preparation when you decided to join Civil services.

Here are some important tips which are written with some study cases and researches. We have already written step by step information about what is UPSC / IAS? what are the paper pattern and syllabus of UPSC? You can also know everything about UPSC Online where we have explained how UPSC declares its notifications and JOB Vacancies with full information.


Things required while getting into IAS Preparation


  • Dedicated, Devoted Mind and Strength towards regular schedule of study.
  • Excellent Writing Skill
  • Well Hold on Aptitudes And English
  • Good Hold On Memory While Listing News Or Reading Current Affairs
  • Self-confidence, Patience, Dedication, Consistency And Regularity


Easily available materials which will help at the beginning of UPSC /IAS Preparation


  • NCERT Books: – NCERT books play a game-changing movement in IAS Preparation. NCERT books help the newbies in creating the foundation. You can also download NCERT Books for free in PDF form. NCERT Books will help you understand the heavier textbooks you are about to start soon.


  • News Paper – Start reading the newspaper which will create you habit of reading contents effectively and also increase your reading speed and understanding mental ability. The Hindu newspaper plays an important role in the life of Civil Service aspirants which effectively increase their knowledge of current affairs and issues which is happening worldwide and nationwide. Now a days candidates use E-newspaper which is widely available and apps like, Times of India, Google news, The Hindu, Economic Times and TV News channels also helps you to be up to date regarding the current affairs and Current issues.
  • News Channels: –News channels save your time while creating your foundation of current affairs.There are many news channels that show 200, 100, 50, 25, 20, 10 in single attempts like 20, 15, 10, 5 minutes respectively. Channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News, NDTV, News Nation, India TV, Network 18, CNN-IBN, Times Now, Zee news etc. shows news in above-mentioned format.
  • Internet: –Today in this 21st century, the internet is wisely helping candidates and students to seek information and lots of websites are helping UPSC candidates to start IAS Preparation. This boosts the knowledge and talent when we use The internet effectively.
  • Magazines: – Magazines like Competition success review (CSR) Pratiyogita Darpan (PD) also helps Newbies and experts to get an idea regarding UPSC/IAS preparation.


When to start UPSC / IAS Exam preparation for Preliminary Examination


  • The best way to start IAS Exam preparation is simultaneous with the first year of graduation but do not give extra time as you have your own stream syllabus too.
  • Many people start preparation after graduation, but don’t waste your high time. Recommended time for starting IAS Preparation is six to seven months prior to your preliminary examinations. You should refer NCERT textbooks for your preparation, as these books give in depth knowledge of the subjects.
  • If you decided to start IAS preparation simultaneously with work, you should give some more time to prepare yourself and do not compromise between study hours.


How to start IAS Exam preparation

  • Starting IAS preparation need the exact and updated knowledge of UPSC pattern. We have written complete A to Z guide of UPSC/IAS Syllabus and paper pattern. Also read everything about UPSC and UPSC online.
  • Solve mock test papers: You must try to read solved UPSC previous year papers and also join various online mock tests which are available on internet for free.
  • Non- Technical background (Engineering) NonManagement Background (MBA)- Candidates from this background must give extra hours for CSAT paper which play an important role in Preliminary examinations.
  • In the first step itself, if you take the question paper and if you don’t know most of the questions, it will deject you. There is nothing to get dejected at this stage.
  • Also, read Secrets Of Success Of IAS Toppers



Overview contents of General Study paper

The General Studies paper covers the following areas:

General Science; Current events of national and international importance; History of India; World Geography; Indian Polity and Economy; Indian National Movement; General Mental Ability.


What to study while doing UPSC/ IAS Preparation              


  • Study only what is really Absolutely Essential
  • You must know the actual content of preliminary examination.(Click here to know)
  • Focus the on the exact content of General studies Paper 1 and paper 2.
  • Study Smart Not Just Hard


We are wishing happy UPSC / IAS preparation to all the candidates and UPSC aspirants.



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